BI GIN is an Italian Distilled Gin, la cui ricetta rappresenta un equilibrio di botaniche autoctone piemontesi selezionate e lavorate con meticolosa attenzione, per ottenere un distillato rotondo e bilanciato.

The starting point is italian Cereal Alcohol at 96,4% Vol.

Every single botanical is infused in a hydroalcoholic solution with a specific alcohol content, for a period of time that varies according to the properties of each botanical.

The selection of botanicals used for BI GIN is closely linked to the territory where it is born: Apple "Ruggine quality" (a cultivar with a rust color)ChestnutsLemon balm and Woody Musk .

The liquid is then distilled using two distillation methods: an alembic still with a steam stream of about 80°C, and a vacuum distillation in Rotovapor at 40°C. The latter allows the extraction and the concentration of volatile aromatic substances, including the most delicate ones.

The individual distilled parts are then assembled according to the recipe. Next, the product is left to rest for a few weeks in steel tanks to facilitate the perfect union and balance of flavors and aromas, before being bottled.

With its transparent and crystalline color and its bluish reflections given by the distillation quality, BI GIN is pleasantly intense on the nose. The classic notes of juniper stand out as well as the enveloping hints of apple and the freshness of lemon balm. Unusual and subtle, the note of undergrowth and wild accompanies the whole experience.

The sip is vibrant, rich and fresh. The balsamic mouthfeel of juniper is well present, accompanied by the sweet and rich notes of apple and chestnut. The citrus hint of lemon balm gives a fresh cut to the drink.

Long finish, with a pleasant undergrowth hint to frame the taste experience.

Aromatic, soft and pleasantly refreshing Gin. Excellent neat, perfect mixed in a Gin & Tonic or Gin based Cocktails.

BI GIN – 500ml
Distilled Gin Made in Biella
40% Vol.

Marco, Fabio e Matteo... three childhood friends, three personalities, three pieces of one big puzzle glued by shared adventures, daily life, strong emotions and solid values.

The context? Our beloved territory, the woods and the hills, the rounds on a scooter and the crazy nights together... side by side, always, no matter what.

Together they become the soul of BI GIN, to infuse the Spirit of Lessona (our hometown), its tradition and the accompanying emotions into the first distilled Gin 100% Made in Biella.

A distillate that tells their stiry, the aromas and flavors of the land where they grew up, the passion and solidity of their friendship.

The goal? For you to taste all of this with every sip of BI GIN!
Now it's your turn but be careful...Provoca Felicità!


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